An artistic research project by Hanna Schimek and Kyrillos Sarris.

 All drawings are made in the Cycladic Sculpture Room of the N. P. Goulandris Collection,

Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens

Continuous working phases 2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2015 / 2015...

Additional dialogues and working sessions are held with the archeologist Robin Barber since 2012.

A work in progress.


What  happens, then, when objects dedicated to the gods are exposed to the human gaze?

(Krzysztof Pomian, Der Ursprung des Museums: vom Sammeln, Wagenbach, 1988)

I regularly visit the Museum of Cycladic Art since 1997. From 2010 onwards, I regularly draw twice a year for one week in the Cycladic Sculpture Room of the N.P. Goulandris Collection. During these two weeks I am working daily up to 8 hours in the museum. I avoid interruptions of the working sessions. I observe the changing of my moods – from total concentration to inner calmness or boredom, without paying to much attention to them. I try to dedicate fully to the medium, not interrupting the fluidity of my drawing, and juxtaposing the most possible expression against my inner control – nothing I'm doing is wrong. Similar to "automatic writing" ("écriture automatique") I don't correct my drawings, I change the page...